What Is #TheatreClique?

The #TheatreClique is my (mostly) weekly newsletter dedicated to clicking out to some of the most interesting, intriguing, and noteworthy writing about drama, theatre and performance (at least, so says me). The title — #TheatreClique — is a self-consciously silly pun, or a nod both to fact that caring about theatre is an obdurately “niche” endeavor (or a “cliquish pursuit”) and also to the reality of the attention economy (in which “clicks” matter). #TheatreClique also serves as my platform for offering my commentary about the productions I happen to see and, more occasionally, gathering my thoughts about current theatrical topics, issues, or questions.

Why Should I Subscribe?

#TheatreClique aims to amplify the voices of contemporary writers who take seriously the task of writing and thinking about drama, theatre, and performance — on and beyond Broadway, both amateur and professional, in venues large and small. Each edition aims to link out to an intentionally broad array of voices, while also providing a glimpse into the many shows I see in NY, NJ, PA and beyond.

What If I Have Other Questions?

You can always reach me via email < bherrera @ princeton dot edu > or through most social media platforms @stinkylulu.

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